What’s in a name?


The names of the brewery and its beers are all related to the sea. We are located in Ensenada, BC, on the Pacific coast of Mexico.


Agua Mala is a jellyfish that floats off our shores.


Marea Roja or Red Tide, an amber ale, was our first truly fine beer and the original standard-bearer of the brewery. At the time of its creation in 2005 Ensenada suffered a massive red tide and the color of the tide resembled the color of the beer but happily not its deadly nature and ‘Marea Roja’ was born.


Next came an oatmeal stout. Nameless, it accompanied the founder and friends on a camping trip to the Sea of Cortez. There, enthusiastic but incautious bathers managed to step on a number of small stingrays with predictable results. The only pain medicine available were liters of oatmeal stout and Mantarraya (Stingray  Stout) was christened.


To learn to appreciate and understand the virtues and subtleties of the myriad of types of beer one must study extensively but also, and vital to the learning
process, one must try beers. Being a stone’s throw from San Diego, CA, home of almost innumerable fine craft brewers, education was at hand. Thanks to the West Coast’s love of hoppy beer, it was decided that the next creation should be an IPA (India Pale Ale), a beer with a fascinating history dating back to the 18 century. There are a variety of IPA’s and the top of the line for those that really like a hoppy beer is the Imperial or Double IPA. After significant experimentation the basic brew for what is now our Astillero (Shipyard IPA) came into being. It was named in honor of the location of the brewery at that time.


The Beers


CHUBASCO (summer storm)
English Bitter
Bright, clear and golden with a fine long-lasting head. A clean, mildly hoppy beer. Lively carbonation and very refreshing.


SIRENA (mermaid)
Pale yellow with a fine head and a floral and piney aroma. A lightly malty flavor, a touch of hops and a head of very fine bubbles.


MANTIS (Mantis)
A traditional Belgian White or Wheat beer wit a rocky head. Markedly citrusy both in aroma and taste, a touch of herbs. A fine beer much favored by the fairer sex.


ASTILLERO (shipyard)
IPA, India Pale Ale
The color of burnished copper, it has a wonderfully hoppy aroma and an intense hoppy bitterness carefully balanced with the malt’s sweetness. It is intense as is characteristic of an Imperial or Double IPA. One might say “it’s over the top!”


MAKO (Mako)
Pale Ale
With the color of golden wheat it has a marked aroma of grapefruit with its characteristic mild bitterness. Its flavor is decidedly citric with fine overtones of
malts. It is mildly bitter and wonderfully refreshing.


MAREA ROJA (red tide)
Amber Ale
Bright amber with a soft amber head which leaves a fine filigree on the glass as it recedes. Its aroma of peaches, apples and honey is nicely balanced by its maltiness. Its flavor is in tune with its aroma. A delicious brew.


MANTARRAYA (stingray)
Oatmeal Stout
Dark, almost black with a caramel, roasted grain scent laced nut, coffee and chocolate overtones. It has an elegant, creamy, dense and brown head which
descends slowly into the beer. Its body is soft, velvety and sophisticated and in its flavor the chocolate, nut and creamy notes prevail.


GARIBALDI (Garibaldi)
WIT with a twist
Drew Deckman, a chef of considerable renown, took a liking to our beers, our brewery and its staff. He was to open a seasonal (summer) restaurant in the wine country of Baja and proposed a unique beer for his new endeavor. Starting with our light and refreshing wit he assembled a variety of vegetables, herbs, flowers and seeds, all products of the ranch where his restaurant was to be. With some experimentation we came up with what we all felt would complement his foods handsomely and be refreshing in the heat of the Valle de Guadalupe. And Garibaldi was launched, Garibaldi being a very orange fish who’s color resembled that of Drew’s beer. It proved a fine addition to his cuisine and is now featured at Deckman’s in Los Cabos (Baja California Sur) and at Rancho Mogor (Ensenada, Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California).


ERIZO (sea urchin)
Christmas beer
This is a seasonal beer with an aroma and flavor very reminiscent of the yuletide season. A “warm” beer with body and a velvety mouth feel ideal for the cool temperatures of winter. The sea urchins on the label are the ocean’s answer to Christmas ornaments.


SERPIENTE MARINA (sea serpent)
Made from organically grown, hand picked apples from a ranch in the Sierra San Pedro Martir mountains and hand pressed, it is shiny and clear and has a fine, pure apple taste.


Label Information:
O.G. (Original Gravity) is the amount of initial sugars of the must before fermentation.


I.B.U. (International Bitterness Units) is a unit of bitterness which can fluctuate between number 5 in low bitterness beers to 120 in high hop concentration beers.


A.B.V. (Alcohol By Volume) is the percentage of alcohol by volume in the beer.


S.R.M. is a unit of color. A pale beer has an amount of 2-6 of color, an amber 6-20, a brown 20-30 and a dark 30-50.